day 1 - morning:

  • 10h00 Opening, Gerard Jansen, Manager/President, Stichting Almere Kennisstad, Netherlands
  • 10h15 Introduction Desktop Grids, Ad Emmen, AlmereGrid, EDGeS, The Netherlands
  • 10h35 Experience with  setting up and running Desktop Grids (BOINC, XtremWEB, and EDGeS)
  • 10h55 Porting medical applications onto the Grid, Tobias Knoch, Erasmus MC, The Netherlands
  • 11h15 Coffee Break
  • 11h40 Leiden Classical Grid,  Mark Somers, Leiden University, The Netherlands
  • 12h00 Experiences with the CoBRA desktop grid, Peter Hellinckx, University of Antwerp, Belgium   Description:  Peter Hellinckx will discus the evolution to desktop grids and some problems that arise in this evolution. Concretely he will introduce the CoBRAframework which is a pluggable desktop grid designed to combine research and real distributions. He will also introduce GIPSy which is a runtime prediction framework used to predict the runtimes of parameter sweep jobs. Finally he will introduce a prediction based scheduler which reduces the need for rescheduling using the GIPSy runtime predictions.
  • 12h20 Industrial simulation using a Grid
    • Applications using Proactive Grid Middleware, Fabrice Huet, INRIA - Activeeon, Sophia Antipolis, France 
      Description: In this presentation we will give a brief overview of the Grid Parallele Suite, a Java middleware jointly developed by INRIA and ActiveEon. We will focus on high level tools which help users, who are not specialist in Grid computing, to build and run parallel and distributed applications. We will finally show some examples of real applications.
    • Remote presentation of the ViSAGE application running on the EDGeS platform, Aharon Levine, Correlation Systems Ltd., Israel
  • 13h00 Lunch

day 1 - afternoon

  • 14h00 - 17h00 Masterclass: Porting applications to the Grid using the EDGeS Application Development Methodology, Tamas Kiss, Centre for Parallel Computing, University of Westminster, London, UK

 day 1 evening

  • 18h30 Social event

day 2 - EDGeS training course: setting up a BOINC/XtremWeb Desktop Grid and porting applications to the Grid.

This day consists mainly of practical work, applying the techniques shown in the masterclass. Participants will get hands on experience in setting up a Desktop Grid and in porting or developing applications to a Desktop Grid. Depending on whether you are more interested in operating a Grid or in application development the afternoon will concentrate more on one topic or the other.

  • 09h00 Installation of BOINC, using the SZTAKI Distribution
  • 10h00 Installation of an XtremWeb Grid
  • 11h00 Coffee Break
  • 11h30 Analysis of applications: determine usability and approach to porting them onto the Grid
  • 13h00 Lunch
  • 14h00 Writing an application for BOINC
  • 15h30 Coffee Break
  • 16h00 Running applications on the EDGeS test Grid
  • 17h30 Wrap up