On March 29/30, 2010 a major Desktop Grid event will take place in Almere, The Netherlands. The event combines:

  • 3rd  AlmereGrid Grid Experience workshop. The scientific part of this workshop concentrates on Desktop Grid Applications for eScience and eBusiness. A call for papers for this part has been issued.
  • The part Citizen support for eScience will have as the major part the EDGeS@Home launch announcement event, and several other Desktop Grid presentations
  • The Dutch society will have their annual meeting
  • A tutorial on Desktop Grid computing is planned.

Of course you can also only come for the part that is of interest to you.

The event is organised by AlmereGrid and with support from EDGeS and Almere City marketing.

 You can download a brochure with the programme: .

  Een programma in het Nederlands is beschikbaar :